For both the serious history collector and the connoisseur of beautiful objects alike, there’s no substitute for owning a piece of real WW2 history. Whether a set of Japanese binoculars or boat eyepieces, your living- or workspace will be transformed into a historic conversation piece with our original, fully operational, World War II naval binoculars. Their sleek design adds an artistic and martial element to any space.

Our big eye binoculars have been meticulously restored, the lenses and optics carefully calibrated to ensure viewing perfection, and appreciation for the exquisite craftsmanship of a bygone era. These binoculars are stunning to look at, and even more incredible to look through.

As well as being functional works of art, these pieces are for display and use. The precision instruments are made of military grade steel, and were built to survive the abuse and wear of naval battles. These models have withstood shore duty, air raids, and invasions. They feature high-powered optics, rivaling and surpassing the quality of newer models, so your guests can see for themselves that these striking works of naval art are as functional today as when they served with the fleets of WWII.

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Vision Statement:
WWII Naval Binoculars

Historic artifacts and memorabilia have been finding their way into modern interior design for generations. They connect us to the past while adding a touch of unexpected interest to a room. Our naval and land binoculars not only transport you to a time when industrial innovation was on the rise, their sleek design also brings a unique sculptural element to any home or office regardless of style–from classic traditional to modern decor. Besides being aesthetically striking, these magnificent instruments are as practical now as they were the day they were constructed, featuring optics with the power to view objects from miles away.

Measuring from two to seven feet in length, our naval binoculars once lined the decks of military warships in Germany, Japan, Russia, the UK and the US, while our field binoculars kept watch on land in fox holes and trenches. The original camouflage paint has been professionally stripped away, the optics cleaned and polished, and every set is mounted onto a customized wooden or metal base; making each one perfect for displaying in any space with a view or an appreciation for its historical significance.

To own one of these spectacular instruments is to own a piece of history. In 1893, physicist Dr. Ernst Abbe, a pioneer in the field of optics and a business partner of the German microscope manufacturer Carl Zeiss, perfected the “binocular telescope”, the predecessor of our naval binoculars. By WWI, Zeiss had developed over 59 hand-held models for both military and consumer use. Additional models were manufactured during WWII by companies like Emil Busch, E. Leitz, Schneider, Goerz, Nikko, Toko, Kawa, Fuji, Ross, Bausch & Lomb and Huet.

Today these naval and field binoculars have become one of the most sought-after items by discerning collectors who are looking to add a statement piece to their home or workspace. Come see our selection of these amazing works of art and find the one that completes your vision.

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World War II naval observation binoculars tell the story of the radical changes that took place during this landmark era. Their intricate parts, precision hardware and powerful visual range illustrate the height of optical technology. Each pair of binoculars has been painstakingly restored by master opticians and mounted onto a polished wood or steel stand, enhancing their beauty as well as functionality. These museum quality pieces are a timeless work of art and make a stunning addition to any room with a view.

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