Owning genuine Green River fossils as part of your décor is like taking a step back in time. Our fish fossils for sale will transform the look and mood of any space—offices, studios, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms. They are the excellent starting point of many rewarding conversations. The right fossil fish adds interest to any room.

As well as being decorative, Green River fossils are functional, employing attractive stone that makes for the perfect countertop, tabletop, wall decoration, or backsplash. Each fossil is a unique work of natural art, bringing to your living- or workspace the perfect prehistoric window onto the past. Our fossils are masterpieces of beauty and conversation, millions of years in the making.

Each one of these fossils has been unearthed by hand, and transformed into a stunning piece that will add an expression of permanence and the grandeur of museum-quality, to your living- or workspace.

Our fossils can be functional as well as decorative. Countertops, tables and tiles can be custom made to suit your individual project. For these purposes, stone slabs are honed to a smooth finish. During this process, care is taken to highlight the fossil fish within each slab, either honing them flush with the surface to reveal the true character of the stone or preparing them in relief as with our murals.

Over a dozen different layers of stone in the quarry are well suited for these uses, providing a choice of colors and textures to complement any décor. Individual fish are also available in several species.

We’ve done some amazing projects across the country in homes, offices, and even yachts. Let us be a part of your dream of the perfect interior.

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