Beech 18 Propeller Blade Sculpture


In the classic 007 film, Octopussy, James Bond (Roger Moore) flies and fights on a Beech 18 equipped with propellers identical to this blade, circa 1950-60’s. Al Pacino, in the movie Insomnia, lands on water in Alaska aboard a floatplane quipped with this most elegant, yet unassuming propeller blade. This blade’s design and elegance has transcended time and was originally designed in the mid 1930’s, making it iconic “must have” aviation collectible.

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A unique piece of aviation design and history, this Beech 18 aircraft propeller blade powered one of the most recognized and iconic aircraft of all times–the Beechcraft Model-18, produced from 1937-1969. The Art Deco-to-Modern Beech18 propeller blade was designed and manufactured in the mid 1940’s and has become one of the most collected aircraft blades in history. The Beech 18 aircraft has been used to train thousands of US pilots for military deployments and commercial pilots for business flights. The propeller’s footprint, height and width proportions make it a visually appealing and soothing piece of art that will embellish any living or working environment

Dimensions 47 x 8 in

47"H x 8"W

Plane Type

Beechcraft Model-18




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