Scimitar Propeller Blade Sculpture


This one of a kind propeller sculpture dates to the 1970-80’s and it is a modern design propeller blade masterpiece. It powers the iconic British Aerospace super luxury jet-stream private jet-prop, flown by VIP’s and Royalty in the Hong Kong Government Service air fleet. It also powers the “super-fast” Piper Cheyenne LS, known to be the ultimate “hot-rod” propeller aircraft. Faster than a jet! In 1985, Chuck Yeager broke a speed record on this plane flying at 527 nautical miles per hour from New York to Paris. Its unique pointy curve shape and size makes it one of the most attractive propeller blades ever built.

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This truly spectacular original Jet-Stream Propeller blade is an extremely unique piece of contemporary aerospace design, manufactured and flown circa late 1970’s and 80’s. It is possibly the best and most interesting shaped propeller sculpture in existence. The Scimitar (named after a type of sword) has a very particular aerodynamic shape. Its curves and almost capricious appearance are an ode to the laws of physics and motion that it was designed to master. The result is a ready to install and exhibit gallery-museum quality decorative aerospace design and engineering piece that private collectors and individuals can confidently invest in.

Dimensions 53.5 x 9 in

53.5"H x 9"W

Plane Type

The Scimitar




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