Fossil Crinoid Plate


Framed Seirocrinus Subangularis (Sea lilies) from the lower Jurassic of Holzmaden, Germany; 180 million years old.

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Very unusual group of several large crinoids and stems in their original matrix. Despite their flowery look, these are actually animals related to starfish. A few small species have survived in deep water. These would grow on driftwood, filter feeding as they floated about. Eventually they got too heavy and the log sank, dooming the entire colony. A very attractive plate, can be displayed horizontally or vertically…. An almost artistic composition! Prepared in our lab in Germany, the hard shale has been painstakingly removed with micro sandblasters and other tools. Legally collected in a private quarry.

Dimensions 51 x 40.75 in

Seirocrinus Subangularis


lower Jurassic

Country of Origin



Natural Arts Artifacts


51" H x 40.75" W


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